The Celts speak of thin places, where the veil between the holy and the mundane is so thin that you can see glimpses of the Divine.

When I run, I often feel like I am entering those thin places. When I’m long past the two minute panic, my body re-learns the beauty of breathing deeply, responding to the cries of my muscles begging for more oxygen. My heart begins its strong pounding sending extra blood to the hungry extremities. My mind settles into the rhythm of my footsteps.

In those moments, I find myself closer to the Divine. In those moments, I hear whispers of wisdom that are too often drowned out in the mundane busy-ness of the rest of my life.

It’s not just running that ushers in the thin places. Sometimes it’s photo walks, when I lose track of time in my wandering and lose track of space in my deep noticing of the way branches cross against the blue sky. Sometimes it’s painting, when I get absorbed in the simple brush strokes that bring art to life.

It’s not something I can force, and it doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, I walk away in awe.

What helps usher in the thin places for you?