Earlier this week, I ran outside for the first time in several weeks. Winter has walloped us pretty hard this year, and every time I wanted to run outside it seemed there was either too much fresh snow on the ground, too many slippery patches on the sidewalk, or it was just too darn cold. Plus my daughter was eager to go to the gym with me (she’s also planning to run the half marathon) so we went to the gym.

But now I’m feeling restless and I don’t want to run inside any more. I want fresh air. I want trees. I want to be present in my surroundings. I want to watch the sun wake up.

And so, weather permitting, I’m attempting to take it outside once again.

On Tuesday I ran, and ran, out of my neighbourhood, across the river, and to the very streets I’ll be running down when I run my first half marathon in June. I ran, and breathed, and blessed the earth for holding me.

Soon, the banks of that river will overflow with the Spring flood that is coming our way. As I ran across the bridge I was reminded of why I like to run outside. When I am outside, I remember that, like it or not, we are intricately connected to the earth. Though we may dig ditches to divert water when the floods come, and build gyms with treadmills to keep us safe from the elements, we remain at the mercy of whatever the climate brings. As we’re seeing in Japan, nothing can stop Mother Nature from having her way.