This morning I ran and ran – as far as my legs would carry me. All the way to the duck pond at the park, where I overheard this conversation between the two Spring-returning geese standing on the ice in the middle of the pond looking puzzled:

“What’s the deal, Madge? I thought this pond was supposed to be thawed out by now?”

“That’s what the travel brochure said. ‘Lovely pond in a park setting away from traffic and close to the river. Move in condition. Late March.'”

“Well this ain’t no ‘move in condition!’ Do you think we should ask for our money back?”

“Money back? Ha! From WHOM! You made us come the cheap way, remember? On our own two wings instead of that tour bus like I suggested.”

“Well maybe we should go back then. To the south. What do you think?”

“What kind of crazy fool are you? Go BACK?! After you pushed me SO hard to get here before everyone else arrived so we could get prime nesting location?! I’m not moving another inch!”

“Aw, it wasn’t so bad, Madge. Just think about how all that extra exercise got you all toned and looking terrific for your birthing season. You’ll feel great sitting on those eggs knowing you don’t have to lose any of that baby fat afterwards. And you’re lookin’ HOT I might add. Since there’s nobody else here yet, maybe we should sneak off into the woods and… you know. Wink.”

“I’ll sneak off into the woods alright, but what you’ll get won’t be what you’re hoping for. I’ll be even more toned and terrific once I catch you and KICK YOUR ASS!”

“Oh Madge, you don’t really mean that, do you?”

And that’s when I left the duck pond and headed for home. On the way home, I saw a line of geese heading south – I think they changed their mind.

p.s. I ran seven miles. SEVEN!