I had all kinds of resistance against running this morning. “I’m too tired. It’s been a stressful week – I deserve a quiet non-running morning. I have too much work to do. If I run, it’ll end up wasting most of my morning. There’s chocolate in the house! I should just sit here and eat it instead of run. I can always run another day. I just don’t feel like it!”

And yet… that still small voice inside said “You know you need this run. You know you’ll feel horrible if you eat that chocolate and it will just make tomorrow’s run that much harder. Just think about how much a run will help with some of that stress that’s been piling up this week. It will help clear your head and you’ll be even more productive this afternoon.”

Good sense won out over chocolate, and I ran. About five and a half miles. And of course, it was good. And I feel better now.

Take THAT resistance! I am SO done with you!